Philosophy Hedon Cigares

Tradition made modern for abiding pleasure

A cigar is never just a cigar, it is the pleasure of a moment that is just our own. It is a journey that started long ago and reached the mild south-west of France. Here, in the region of Navarre, Hedon cigars are carefully hand-made, in the middle of a green and generous land, where tobacco cultivation takes place, giving life to a masterpiece of craftsmanship and savoir-faire. What really makes each Hedon cigar different from any other is a unique know-how developed through a combination of technology, traditional knowledge and agricultural innovation, which over the years has resulted in high quality wrappers, binders and fillers that are able to release all their complex aromas. Three hundred separate operations are carried out to create a French “puro”. Every phase of the whole production process is important, from planting to rolling, as the smallest detail affects the final taste: given the soil and climate, a daily effort is needed to guarantee an excellent product for consumers.