Terrior Hedon Cigares

 Traditional craftsmanship, modern agricultural know-how and French luxury.”

The tobacco used for Hedon cigars is cultivated in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, between the Gaves and Adour region: situated at 43° N latitude, the area has ideal rates of rainfall, humidity, and temperature for the optimal growth of tobacco plants. Here, a single variety of tobacco, perfectly adapted to the soil and climate, is grown and destined both for the filler, binder and wrapper of Hedon cigars, allowing superior colour uniformity and an appearance that are absolutely incomparable and stand out from all others, with unique organoleptic characteristics. 

In March, seeds are sown in the greenhouse. Two months later, the seedlings are transplanted into the ground, where they grow for about a month partly outdoors and partly under the shelter of light nets for a more balanced and harmonious ripening if they are destined for the most precious wrapper leaves. 

In Navarre, there is an abundance of pure natural mineral water, which springs from the Pyrenees: a pureness that is also to be found in Hedon cigars. By accurately monitoring the real-time water requirements of plants, an advanced irrigation system guarantees that the water needs of the plants are met in an optimal way. 

When the plants reach optimum maturity, they are harvested and then left to dry in small automated dryers, fully self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption and conceived to work, in detail, every single batch of the crops. 

After two months, the dried tobacco is ready for fermentation, which takes place in such a way so as to allow a linear evolution of taste. In fact, fermentation is needed to burn the sugars in the starch of leaves at the time of combustion. Perfect control of the fermentation process is therefore essential to obtain a product that can release all its aromas and fragrances. 

The leaves are then sorted and stacked to mature for at least three years. In due time, they are selected and processed by Hedon’s skilled artisans, who roll each cigar by hand with the utmost care, according to traditional techniques and using only whole leaves. At the end of the manufacturing process, every cigar is draw tested to guarantee maximum quality.

Crafting Hedon Cigares

The promise of distinction

Every Hedon cigar has been masterfully crafted by artisans with great expertise and deep passion. From the seed to the finished product, every detail of tobacco cultivation and the cigar manufacturing process is overseen with the utmost commitment to absolute quality in order to achieve superior cigars with an exclusive flavour. A unique terroir and unequalled know-how, developed through traditional savoir-faire and technological innovation, give birth to a new subtle smoking experience.